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Forged in Fire Preview – Harshforge Plate

May 5, 2014

From the depths of the mines in the heart of the Anvil Throne Mountains, the dwarves that live under them have extracted from the ground what could be one of the greatest discoveries since the Golden Age of Etheria: Harshforge Iron. This discovery could, perhaps, have helped the old Pellian Empire…

Mage Wars Mondays – The Podcast!

We’ve heard it several times from many fans, “Why don’t you guys have a Podcast!?!?” Well, that day is finally here! With the help of Let’s Level Up owner, Rick Perez, Arcane Wonders is pleased to announce a new bi-weekly podcast focused on everyone’s favorite game, Mage Wars!

Forged in Fire Preview – The Podcaster Previews

May 2, 2014

Forged In Fire is shaping up to be one of the most exciting additions to the Universe of Mage Wars.  With the pending release in June, there has been a[continue reading]

Let’s Level Up Review of Mage Wars

April 16, 2014

Rick at Let’s Level Up has posted his review of Mage Wars, the Core Set! “…I’ve been raving about it for a year now and if you don’t already know,[continue reading]

Forged in Fire Preview – The Adramelech Warlock

April 14, 2014

Vice President for Business Development, Scott Morris, reveals the abilities of the Adramelech Warlock in this Forged In Fire preview.

Forged in Fire Pre-orders and Promos!

March 28, 2014

“We turn our eyes North toward the Anvil Throne Mountains where the Dwarves are locked in conflict with Adramelech’s Warlocks. There is a power deep in the mountains that neither[continue reading]

GAMA Trade Show Report

March 24, 2014

By Scott Morris, Vice President of Business Development First days on the job can be intense!  There’s new people to meet, new things to learn, and new policies and procedures[continue reading]

D v N Preview: Zombie Crawler

October 31, 2013

Written by  Matthew Burch Zombie Crawler By: Matthew Burch Watch where you step! Those half-corpses are still alive! Zombie Crawler is very similar to the previously previewed Zombie Minion. He’s[continue reading]

D v N Preview: Nightshade Lotus

October 21, 2013

Written by  Tim McCurry Nightshade Lotus By: Tim McCurry The Nightshade Lotus is a huge flowering plant sprouting a single beautiful large lotus blossom, awaiting the unwary traveler to release[continue reading]

D v N Preview: Icthellid

October 20, 2013

Written by  Stephen Walters Ichthellid By: Stephen Walters The Ichthellid is a very proud mother and would love to show you the baby.  It comes into play with a single[continue reading]

D v N Preview: Acolyte of the Bog Queen

Written by  Alexander Mont Acolyte of the Bog Queen By: Alexander Mont The Hand of Bim-Shalla is Back … Or Is It? Those of you who were following last year’s[continue reading]

D v N Preview: Devouring Jelly

October 10, 2013

Written by  Matt McInnis Devouring Jelly By: Dylan McInnis, aka “Kharhaz” “Good Gods! Is that Flamberson’s head floating in there?!?”- Soon to be absorbed soldier The Voltari holds many creatures[continue reading]