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Dawnbreaker’s Chosen Art

August 14, 2015

By Aaron Brosman When we first put up the contest to name the Dawnbreaker’s Chosen, we were confident that our players would give us some great responses. However, we’ve gotten[continue reading]

Test your Skills… Ridgeback Skunk

August 12, 2015

By Aaron Brosman Community Manager and Designer On the forums my icon is Oscuda, the first skunk we’ve ever added to Mage Wars. There are two reasons I chose this[continue reading]

Dominate the Arena – V’Tarrian Energy Wave

August 10, 2015

By Aaron Brosman Community Manager / Designer Battlegrounds: Domination is a game of zones. Even more than traditional Mage Wars Arena, each zone on the board is a stepping stone[continue reading]

Test your Skills… Jade Gremlin

August 5, 2015

By Aaron Brosman Community Manager and Designer Last week, attendees of Gen Con had the first chance to pick up Mage Wars Academy. It was a pretty surreal experience. I’ve[continue reading]

Dominate the Arena – Gen Con

August 3, 2015

By Aaron Brosman Community Manager and Designer   Gen Con is over. The best four days in gaming did not disappoint. It was a crazy ride. I was there Tuesday[continue reading]

Test your Skills… Enchantments

July 27, 2015

There have been many interesting design decisions that went into Mage Wars Academy. Through these articles we’ve explored a few of them, ranging from weapons to Stagger. Today we’re going to cover one of the most important parts of Mage Wars, enchantments! When we were first looking at Academy…

Test Your Skills – Paralyzing Basilisk

July 22, 2015

Mage Wars Arena is a game filled with status conditions. This is one of the things that lets us accurately show what’s happening at a given time. For Academy we wanted to limit the number of status conditions that players would have to remember. We poured over our complete list of conditions…

Designer Interview – Sergio Halaban

July 20, 2015

When we first saw the game that is now, Sheriff of Nottingham, it was called Robin Hood, and Tom Vasel was raving to us about how much he loved it!  It was designed by Sergio Halaban and Andre Zatz, two gentlemen…

Mage Wars Mondays – Straywood Beastmaster!

The team is back with the Mage Wars Mondays podcast, focused all on the Straywood Beastmaster. Aaron Brosman, Community Manager and Designer and Scott Morris, VP of Business Development, along with Rick Perez from Let’s Level Up…

Dominate the Arena – V’Torrak Gate

On the landscape of Domination, positioning is everything. Having you’re creatures in the right space to seize control of orbs is often key to winning the game.  So how do you quickly move creatures across the vast distances from one side of the board to the other? The go-to answer is…

Test your Skills… That’s not a knife, this is a knife!

July 15, 2015

Weapons presented an interesting hurdle when designing Academy. Did we want them to be balanced only for the lower level Academy Mages? Did we want their usefulness to be completely tied up in their special abilities? Were we okay printing a card that would probably…

Battlegrounds Domination Release Update

July 13, 2015

As many of you know we, as a company, try to be direct and as forthcoming with our fans as we can be. It is with that knowledge, and a heavy heart, that we must announce today that Battlegrounds Domination is unfortunately being delayed…