Arcane Wonders News

Forged in Fire Review – Grey Elephant Gaming

June 17, 2014

Tim and Carmen Norris, who recently did some play throughs of Mage Wars, have a new review of Forged in Fire on their site, Grey Elephant Gaming! Tim and Carmen are excited about the new mages, the new cards, and the new options in Forged in Fire, releasing later this month!

From the Board Room – Cosplay at Gen Con!

June 12, 2014

Want to meet one of the best cosplayers in the world AND get a chance at winning the ultimate prize pack from Arcane Wonders at this year’s Gen Con?

Forged in Fire Review – All Us Geeks

June 7, 2014

Jeff and Jordan, from the All Us Geeks Podcast, share with us their impressions of several key cards in Forged in Fire, as well as their overall opinions on the set and artwork!

Mage Wars Review – Weaponsgrade Tabletop

Hunter, from Weaponsgrade Tabletop had a chance to sit down with our Core Set of Mage Wars to give his overview and opinions recently!

Forged in Fire Review – Let’s Level Up

June 6, 2014

Rick, from Let’s Level Up, takes a look at Forged in Fire, and not only provides a review, but has plans for deeper exploration and play throughs! Join Rick at the table for an in depth review of several cards, strategies and the new mages!

Forged in Fire Review – Pair of Dice Paradise

Chaz Marler from Pair of Dice Paradise takes a look at Forged in Fire, the latest expansion, releasing later this month, for the award winning Mage Wars game! Does it have enough to earn wings from Pair of Dice? Check out Chaz’s video to see for yourself!

Forged in Fire Review – The Dice Tower

June 5, 2014

Our good friend at the Dice Tower, Tom Vasel, provides his thoughts and input about Forged in Fire, our new Spell Tome Expansion releasing later this month! What’s Tom think of the latest expansion for the game he’s rated the #1 two-player strategy game and…

Mage Wars Mondays – Beastmaster Pets

June 2, 2014

It’s time once again for the “Triad” to weigh in on everyone’s favorite game via the podcast airwaves! In this episode of Mage Wars Mondays, Aaron, Scott and Rick take a look at their favorite Creatures to use as the Straywood Beastmaster’s Pet!

Arcane Wonders and Level 99 Games Team Up!

May 30, 2014

We are pleased to formally announce today a partnership with Level 99 Games!  Level 99 Games are the brain children behind such kickstarter hits as the Mini Game Library, BattleCON, and Argent the Consortium as well as…

Forged in Fire Preview – Altar of Domination

May 29, 2014

You’ve seen many of the new cards we’ve added to the Warlord. There have been toolbox creatures like the Goblin Alchemist and powerful conjurations like the Armory. But these were all new additions to the Warlord, and today I want to focus on…

Forged in Fire Preview – Sardonyx, Blight of the Living

May 19, 2014

A grave wind blows over the Darkfenne down towards Westlock. The vile machinations of the Bog Queen have only now begun to be uncovered. Soon the world of Etheria will tremble before her unholy might. And for that very purpose she has risen a new herald, trusted only to…

Druid vs. Necromancer Review – The Father Geek

Our good friends over at the Father Geek have a new review of our Mage Expansion, Druid vs. Necromancer!  In the Father’s own words, “Simply excellent.” and “What Mage Wars does and continues to do well with this expansion, is provide players with creative solutions to many different problems”