Battlegrounds Domination Release Update

Posted on: July 13, 2015

As many of you know we, as a company, try to be direct and as forthcoming with our fans as we can be. It is with that knowledge, and a heavy heart, that we must announce today that Battlegrounds Domination is unfortunately being delayed for full release. This obviously is not the best of news and we’re sure you would like to know, “why?”

We split our first print run into a small amount delivered in time for the pre-release at Origins Game Fair, with the remainder to be printed and delivered to us this month for sales and distribution. We were informed by our manufacturer that the additional units had an issue that impacted them, regarding the paper quality of the cards. We examined the cards personally and felt that they were not suitable for public consumption and would have led to a very poor experience for players. Knowing that, and focused on providing you, our fans, the best possible product, we have asked the manufacturer to reprint them. This decision was not made lightly and it was done, again in an effort to put the best possible product on your table tops for your investment.

The current plan of action is to have Battlegrounds Domination in our hands in early October and out to you asap! We will be working with our manufacturer to take advantage of any and all possible options to bring this schedule in, and if we can, we will announce it online on our web site, and our social media sites as well, when we have updates. It is an unfortunate part of this hobby and industry we all love so much, that sometimes with manufacturing, unknowns can surprise even the most prepared plans. As mentioned, we are in close communication with our manufacturer and will provide detailed updates on our web site and social media sites, when available.

We will continue the spoiler work on Mondays and we will continue to share all relevant media on the game as have it available, similar to the work our good friends at Arcane Duels have been providing, located here.

We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding during this project and look forward to bringing you the best experience possible with Battlegrounds Domination, and our other future projects. Additionally, so everyone is aware, we have sent a notification to all pre-order customers through our online store, receied as of July 10th, and we have notified our distributors as well. If you have any questions or comments on this post, please see our forum thread, located here, for discussion on the topic.