Arcane Wonders at Origins 2019!

Posted on: June 12, 2019

Visit us at Booth #401 & 407 at the Origins Game Fair!

Arcane Wonders is attending the Origins Game Fair this week! Come visit us at booth #401 and #407 to demo our new games. The majority of our staff will be attending the event, so please anticipate delays in email inquiries until we return on the 18th when we continue normal operations.

This Origins Game Fair is going to be the biggest one yet, and Arcane Wonders has a lot in store for attendees! We will have limited quantities of our upcoming release Volcanic Isle, so take this opportunity to play and get the game before it is available in stores worldwide! We will also be demoing our new game Air, Land, & Sea, and our upcoming launch Smartphone Inc.

Air, Land, & Sea

In Air, Land, & Sea, two players battle for control over each “theater” of war by playing Battle cards and strategically utilizing their special abilities to gain the advantage. Air, Land, & Sea debuted at Dice Tower West earlier this year, and we’ve been receiving great response on this high-action game! Do you have the skills to lead your nation’s best and bravest in the Air, Land, & Sea? For more information, check out the: Air, Land, & Sea Game Page.

Volcanic Isle

Available for the first time, Volcanic Isle will be available as a limited pre-release at Origins Game Fair! 2-4 players are tasked with building villages and raising Moai across the continent, each doing their best to survive and become the strongest tribe. However, with each Moai raised, the possibility of a volcanic eruption increases! Eruptions devastate settlements and even cause whole sections of the board to sink into the sea and be removed! For more information about Volcanic Isle including a how-to-play video, check out the: Volcanic Isle Game Page.

Mage Wars Academy: Monk & Necromancer Expansions

Available for sale for the first time at a convention, we have two new expansions for Mage Wars Academy! In Mage Wars Academy, players take on the role of dueling Mages, attempting to use their cunning, wit, and tactics to defeat their opponent! For more information, including the Arcane Duels Team’s card preview videos, check out the: Monk Game Page and Necromancer Game Page!

Smartphone Inc.

Last week we made the exciting announcement that Arcane Wonders will be adding Smartphone Inc. to the Dice Tower Essentials product line! Smartphone Inc. is an economic simulation Eurogame for one to five players with a unique and elegant planning mechanic. While we will not have Smartphone Inc. available for sale at Origins Game Fair, we will be running demos in anticipation for Cosmodrome’s upcoming Kickstarter next month. For full information about this exciting upcoming game check out the: Official Smartphone Inc. Announcement.


The elegant and simple game of martial tactics, Onitama will be prominently featured at Origins Game Fair –with our giant Onitama set! A big hit with the kids, attendees will have the opportunity to play Onitama on our over-sized board as well as demo both expansions: Sensei’s Path and Way of the Wind at booth #401!

We will also be handing out Onitama promo cards at the booth and have our full product line available to browse (with some special deals) including our hit games GoodCritters, Critical Mass, Spoils of War, and Senshi, so be sure to ask our staff if you have any questions!

We can’t wait to see you soon at booth #401 & #407!