Arcane Wonders booth #841 at Gen Con

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Visit Arcane Wonders at Booth #841 at Gen Con

Arcane Wonders will be attending Gen Con this week. Swing on over to our booth #841, say hello, and try out our new games! Our entire staff will be attending the event, so please anticipate any email inquiries to not be answered until we return on the 22nd when we continue normal operations.

Arcane Wonders Gen Con Prereleases!
If you’re gearing up for Gen Con this week, it’s going to be the biggest in the history of the convention. This 50th year celebration is going to be massive, so we wanted to let everyone know about the limited offers available at the Arcane Wonders booth this year!
First, we are pre-releasing THREE games at Gen Con this year:

Gen Con pre-releases: Viral, Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men Expansion, and Mage Wars Academy: Warlord

Mage Wars Academy: Warlord

The Warlord uses strategy and tactics to defeat his enemies. He summons soldiers and issues commands to them to enable them to work together, in formation, like a well-oiled war machine. This Mage Wars Academy expansion is 100% compatible with Mage Wars Arena or Academy gameplay, and gives all new options for Warlord mages. For more information, including the Arcane Duels Team’s card preview videos, check out the: Warlord Game Page.


YOU ARE A DEADLY VIRUS THAT HAS JUST INFECTED A PATIENT! We had the opportunity to show off Viral at Dice Tower Con in July, and are really excited with how this Dice Tower Essentials title has come out. Our booth will be focused on previewing Viral, ask about the Con Mutation Bundle, and look in your Gen Con program for a way to get a free promo card! For more information about Viral including review and how-to-play videos, check out the: Viral Game Page.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men Expansion

The long awaited 6-player expansion is coming for the hit game Sheriff of Nottingham! But there is more… a lot more. This expansion is packed with different modules players can use to enhance and spice up gameplay. We were lucky to get this expansion here in time for Gen Con, and will have limited quantities available. More information about the Merry Men expansion can be found here: Merry Men Game Page.

Not going to Gen Con? #GenCant

Are you unable to attend Gen Con, but still want any of the games listed above? You’re in luck, all of the three Gen Con pre-release games are available on the NEW Arcane Wonders Web Shop. We will process shipping for all orders upon our return on the 22nd, with exception to those containing the Sheriff Merry Men expansion, which will be processed towards the end of this month.