Arcane Wonders Ambassador Program

Thank you for taking the time to explore the Arcane Wonders® Ambassador Program. Below you will find what it means to be an Arcane Wonders® Ambassador, what benefits are received for being an Ambassador and what expectations are set for Ambassadors of our products.

The application process to become an Arcane Wonders® Ambassador is currently on hold until 2018.

Current Ambassadors will be receiving contact about pending hours for demos or events. We will be finalizing the details of the next stage of our Ambassador program and will be in contact with you soon.

What makes an awesome Ambassador?

An Arcane Wonders® Ambassador is a friendly, charismatic, and enthusiastic player that owns Arcane Wonders® product and plays our games regularly with friends, family, and other players at local gaming groups, conventions, or their friendly local game store (FLGS).

Ambassadors love playing our games, be it Mage Wars® or the Dice Tower Essentials® line of games. They enjoy teaching and sharing the amazing game experiences with others and above all, should exemplify good sportsmanship before, during, and after game play.

An Arcane Wonders® Ambassador is a “standard bearer” for our brand; positively promoting and portraying themselves, and our company, in the most professional manner possible. Ambassadors are the frontline connection to the player community whose mission it is to cultivate and share an amazing gaming experience with old and new gamers alike. As a member of this team, each Ambassador will support their fellow Ambassadors and work together to make each and every Arcane Wonders demo an outstanding experience and success.