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What would it be like be a powerful Mages, studying your art, and honing your craft, at the Academy in the world of Mage Wars?  How would you spells work against each other? How could different spells and equipment work in battle?  How could your choices, your strategy and your decisions turn the tides of battle?

Academy Battle Scene

Choose your Mage!

The Mage Wars® Academy: Core Set includes the following two Mages: The Wizard and the Beastmaster.  Each Mage has their own unique advantages and strategies. Below is a brief overview of each Mage.

Academy 101 - Beastmaster



The Beastmaster is attuned with nature, animals, and enchantments. He is a mild mannered student, but one with a feral and savage side, growing as swift as the Straywood Forest itself.  Focusing on packs of animals to overrun his opponent, the Beastmaster has a wide variety of interesting allies he can summon, each with unique special abilities. His nature enchantments include powerful buffs to make his creatures even stronger and his studies at the Academy can only ensure that his prowess grows!

Academy 101 - Wizard



The Wizard hails from the Arcane school, and is building a reputation as a manipulator and trickster.  He has studied the ability to drain other Mages’ power and spell casting abilities along with the skills to counter, redirect or steal their spells!  He has access to a variety of mythical creatures, each with unique powers that open up new tactics. His spells include a variety of arcane equipment and incantations that focus him on exiting his duels as the winner!


Unlike Arena, Mage Wars Academy is played in an area, without a board.  This unique design implements both freedom and speed of play into the Mage Wars system.  All creatures are considered to be in the same zone, making combat, and choices, challenging and exciting!


Academy Setup


Before duels in a game of Mage Wars, Players will customize (or use a suggested starting set of cards) and build their own spellbooks.  Unlike other dueling games that require players to shuffle their cards into a deck and “hope” they get the right ones they need during game play, Mage Wars Academy provides you access to you cards, throughout the game, with this unique Spellbook mechanic.  This creates the experience of being an actual Mage, using your studies to make ther perfect choice each round. There’s no “luck of the draw” which keeps Mage Wars Academy focused on strategic choices and gameplay, meaning your decisions determine the outcome, allowing for an unprecedented level of rich strategy and tactics.

Player contemplating next move

Before each game, players will customize their spellbooks, or use a suggested starting spellbook as outlined in the rules. There is an untold number of combinations of what they can build. A point building system allows players to build balanced spellbooks, with plenty of ingenious strategies and diabolical surprises for their opponents while also allowing for a whole new level of customization of your very own Mage fighting styles.  Our spellbooks are custom made, with extra wide pockets to hold sleeved cards, and have 20 pages with 80 pockets.

Academy 101 - Spellbook

Casting Spells


Your mage has an innate ability to draw magical energy (mana) from his surroundings. This is your Mage’s channeling attribute. Each round your mage gains an amount of mana equal to his channeling attribute. When your Mage casts a spell, he pays its mana cost, and the spell is then taken out of your spellbook. The spell then either has a one-time effect and goes to your discard pile, or it is placed onto the gameboard and becomes an object in the arena.

Let’s take a look at the different spells in Mage Wars®. Mage Wars® has 5 different types of spells; Attacks, Incantations, Creatures, Enchantments, and Equipment.

Academy 101 - Spells

The Game Play

Mage Wars plays intuitively, and was designed to be a realistic representation of Mage combat, while studying at the Academy, as if magic were real. Things work exactly as you think they should work. Mage Wars is fast-paced, with intense action and tough tactical decisions every game round.  Many parts of the game round are played simultaneously. And the game has been designed to keep everyone actively engaged at all times.  Each action your opponent takes can change the game and require new tactics.


Players make all the decisions and don’t rely on random card draws to see what spells they have available each turn. These are tough choices. Your decision making has to include what you need to accomplish this round, what can you do to advance or reverse the situation, and also ask yourself “what is my opponent going to do?”.

With the right choice of spells, the tides can turn quickly; the dominating player can become the dominated, keeping the game unpredictable, engaging and exciting. You never know who is going to win until the last drop of blood is drawn!




Attacks are conducted by rolling custom attack dice. After rolling for damage, you subtract the target’s armor from the roll to see how much damage is done. Critical damage penetrates armor. Damage is recorded with damage counters.

 Academy 101 - Attacking


Some attacks produce additional effects, which are noted with a condition marker. For example, Flame attacks can Burn, Lighting can Stun or Daze, Wind can Push, and Poison attacks can cause poisonous conditions.

Weak TokenStagger Token

Some creatures have defenses which enable them to dodge or block an attack and completely avoid it.

Academy 101 - Defense


Schools of Magic

There are 6 primary (major) schools of magic, and 4 elemental (minor) schools. Each Mage is trained in a particular school, or schools, of magic. Each school of magic has its own unique spells and strategies to choose from providing a seemingly endless array of possible spellbook builds.




Prior to each game, players will build their own custom spellbooks. Each spell belongs to a particular school of magic, and also has a spell level. When constructing your Spellbooks, if your Mage is trained in a specific school of Magic (noted on their ability card) then the spell’s level is the total point cost to add it to your Spellbook.  If your Mage is not trained in a school, but would like to use a spell from it in their Spellbook, they may do so at double the point cost, unless stated otherwise on their Ability card (For example, the Beastmaster is not allowed to add Fire Spells without paying triple!)

In this manner players can build spellbooks, mixing spells from any school they want. The point system encourages you to stay within the schools you are trained in, but each player has plenty of points to allow for some great surprises for his opponent.

 Mage Wars is only limited by your imagination! Combine spells in your own unique way to create a Mage that has never before been seen, and maybe one that will never be defeated!  Immediately after each battle, players will be clamoring to tune up their spellbook, to try new tactics and be better prepared for their opponents surprises.



Click on the map below to learn about the world of Etheria.

Enter the Arena! Mage Wars is set in the magical world of Etheria, a place when gods and mortals are in a constant struggle. Conflicts are resolved in the arena, and it is here where Mages prove which schools of magic reign supreme!

Mage Wars® is an ever-evolving game set in an ongoing universe. Not only will new Mages and new spells be released every few months, but your actions, and the actions of your opponents will help shape the world of Mage Wars®. Now that you have had a complete overview, let us invite you to Test your skills, at the Academy!