Academy Forcemaster Expansion: Preview #3: WHEN THE FORCE IS … DSJER-TET?

Posted on: June 6, 2017

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Training in Subtypes is one of the new design spaces Arcane Wonders is exploring. We saw it last year with Paladin vs Siren and Forcemaster Academy gives us another foothold on the cliff face of subtype training. The Academy Forcemaster, Khenet-Tay, is from the Desert Kingdom of Dsjer-Tet; a land rumored to conduct daily life under the rule of the magnificently titled “Lord of Wonders”. One such wonder is the Jeweled Scarab.

Jeweled Scarab comes with perhaps the most subtypes I have ever seen on a Mage Wars card. It can be cast by Battleforge and Cassiel, Shield of Bim-Shalla. The Wizard also receives a discount for it when using the Arcane Ring. I can imagine many a swarm mage benefiting greatly from this amulet.

Using the Jeweled Scarab, Khenet-Tay can recoup some of the cost of playing her Force, Construct creatures and fuel the summoning of more. This amulet also gains her extra benefits when removing the last Dissipate token from a creature. Suddenly, using the last Dissipate on Symbiotic Orb’s ability not only blocks an attack, but it heals or gains mana as well!
The Etherian Kingdom of Dsjer-Tet is reminiscent of ancient Earthen Egypt. Our Academy Forcemaster is intimately familiar with the ways and denizens of her homeland. Her primary knack for summoning them is through an astral Force-embodiment that is an extension of her mind. However, there are a few creatures that she can and will use to subdue her enemies—and they are not just projections. The most infamous and legendary of which is Tjusut, the Risen King!

Mage Wars’ first Mummy is cursed to be perpetually frozen in time…but pity the fool who disturbs his slumber! Tjusut (known to the Arcane Duels team as “Juicy”) comes into play On Guard. Without an Elusive option, some hapless creature is going to get hit in the face with a 5 dice counterstrike before anything else can harm the Forcemaster.

As this is a Dark creature, the Academy Warlock gets another option in his arsenal. Juicy’s ‘Undead’ subtype might give rise to some book variation among arena Necromancers as well. For the gimmickly-inclined, any creature could break the guard if necessary and then you have yourself a 5 dice creature that only cost you 11 mana. Tjusut is also an excellent target for Redistributed Power and, once awakened, can be easily protected by a Symbiotic Orb.

Our next spell is not a member to the Dsjer-Tet selection of cards, but it fills a significant hole in many a Forcemaster’s defenses. I cannot tell how often I have wanted to just hit something really hard and some clever opponent decides to affect me with a slam, daze, stun or stagger before I get the opportunity. Enter Galvanize.

Galvanize is THE answer to a surprise incapacitate–something I personally have been waiting upon for a very long time. It targets a corporeal creature and eliminates any one condition on the target when revealed “replacing it” with Melee +1. The catch is that you cannot reveal Galvanize until you have a condition, so before you spend a precious action on priming your creature with Galvanize you had better be sure it will be hit by a condition. You also want to make sure you have the mana to remove said condition.
This is an excellent card for whatever flavor of Mage you choose to master as condition removal is very important. Why not get Melee +1 at the same time?

Facing off against Khenet-Tay, I would want to stay as far away from her and her minions as possible. Next time we will see how that might be a little bit harder to do than it would seem.

–Scott “Puddnhead” Penney, Arcane Duels