What are Dice Tower Essentials?

DTE_LOGOBUG_TEXT-SMALLThe Dice Tower Essentials® line of games, is in partnership with noted reviewer, Tom Vasel, of the Dice Tower.  These are games that Tom himself has played, loves, and believes are essential to any gamer’s collection.  Partnering with Tom, Arcane Wonders® is building a library that will consist of everything from brand new games and brand new designers to existing games from experienced designers which have not seen full exposure yet.

Our first title in the line, Sheriff of Nottingham®, is a fast paced, engaging experience that provides fun for all!  Players step into the shoes of the Sheriff himself, looking to inspect other players, acting as merchants, as they attempt to bring goods into the city.  Will players go the safe route and bring legal goods into the city or risk it all to smuggle contraband in under the Sheriff’s nose?  Profits await the bold but your fate, the Sheriff holds!