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Click here for the Arcane Duels Card Reveal video discussing these cards! Well, I have certainly had a blast these past few weeks. I hope that to some lesser extent you have been forced to drop your previous notions of what it means to be a Forcemaster. Perhaps an item […]

Click here for the Arcane Duels Card Reveal video discussing these cards! Training in Subtypes is one of the new design spaces Arcane Wonders is exploring. We saw it last year with Paladin vs Siren and Forcemaster Academy gives us another foothold on the cliff face of subtype training. The […]

I had a chance to play the classic Friedemann Friese game Power Grid a while back. An enjoyable and delightfully math-happy game in which you are turning energy sources into electrical power to light up Germany city by city. Mage Wars does include a decent amount of math and powers […]

When Forcemaster vs Warlord hit the scene as the first expansion to Mage Wars: Arena, we encountered this strange new mage that chose to manipulate her opponent’s creatures instead of bringing her own. She preferred to get her Force on and smack everything backwards from yesterday with her double-bladed Galvitar. […]

Arcane Wonders is excited to announce that Speechless, the Tight-Lipped Word Guessing Party Game, has been nominated for an Origins 2017 Award under the Family Games category! The purpose of the Origins Awards is to reward excellence in game design. The Origins Awards are presented by the Academy of Adventure […]