Mage Wars Organized Play

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Organized Play Kit #1
Westlock: Dark Prophets

“I have always been a loyal servant,” argued Malakai, highest of the angelic host. “Their adoration of me is merely a pale reflection of the worship they offer up to you.” He paced the room, folding his wings behind him. Asyra sat in the golden throne above and peered down at the angel. It was true: he had always been loyal. He had cut down swathes of heretics with a sword of blinding light many times over the years. But this time it was different.

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Organized Play Kit #2
Allegiance In Blood

The Warlocks were to blame for the riots in Westlock. She should have known. Such blasphemers. Even now they hide in a church. They are as craven as the demons they serve, thought Dvora.

After days of tireless effort, she had found the source of the perverted “prophets.” A small monastery in the foothills near Victoria. Like a rotten apple, the building hid a poison inside. She signaled her knights. With practiced alacrity they swooped toward the monastery, quickly forcing open each door.

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Organized Play Kit #3
Unholy Tides

Mikal Mckay had never been comfortable in cities. Few beastmasters were. And the unrest in Victoria had given him reason to return home early.

The weeks spent crossing Westlock were uneventful. They were protected lands even in uncertain times. Beyond them was the Darkfenne, a tainted swamp stretching the length of the Straywood. It was a lasting reminder of how careless his cousins, the high elves of Sortilege, had been. Every ponderous step through the murky swamp was evidence of their failure. It had been hundreds of years ago that Sortilege sought to experiment on the beasts of the land. Now the Darkfenne was a deadly bog inhabited by unnatural monsters. The wizards had promised their experiments were over, and the people of Straywood trusted their word.

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Organized Play Kit #4
Converging Fronts

For the seventh time that morning a scout rushed into the tent of General Hellios Arella Marieus, quickly pressing a report into the hands of Graachus, the general’s aide, before rushing back out again. As before, Graachus patiently the wooden figures arrayed on the map of the borderlands. A large mass of red figures— the so-called “Bloodwave”—clustered near the most important city of Westlock: Victoria. A much smaller number of green figures stood around the city.

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Organized Play Kit #5
Malignant Intentions

Emptying the lake of the dead was just the beginning. Now, Mikal, Shalla, and Rayna must escape across the Darkfenne to warn Westlock of impending doom. While they struggle with the horrors of that putrid swamp, Archivist Jo’leran toils to uncover some of the deepest secrets in Etheria, the nature of Dragons. Come be a part of the growing storyline of Mage Wars! Play through OP Kit 5, Malignant Intentions, and have your voice heard.

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Organized Play Kit #6
Menace of Ruination

Ancient powers begin to rise in the Darkfenne. Meanwhile, the Bloodwave presses on, even after the loss of their Warlord. What blasphemous deals will the Bloodwave make to ensure victory? Can Westlock withstand this onslaught? And in the midst of this a demonic influence from the Arraxian Crown.

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