Druid vs Necromancer


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Introducing two all new Mages, each with new strategies and unique play styles.  Control the undead with the Necromancer or summon the power of nature incarnate with the Druid!

Mage Wars Arena® Core Set Required to Play


Incredible NEW spellbook covers, featuring the Druid’s Treebark and the Necromancer’s Zombieskin!



Powerful NEW Enchantments, Creatures, and Conjurations!



The Druid

We have tended our groves for centuries beyond remembrance. We are stewards of life itself, in its most powerful form. The tiniest seed can sunder boulders, and it answers our call. Unleashing the savagery of  beasts is nothing compared to unleashing the vengeance of the forest itself. Life cannot be stopped.”


The Druid strives to conquer her adversary with an unstoppable growth of plants across the arena. Carnivorous vines, poisonous flowers, and giant trees will rise to do her bidding. Left unchecked, the Druid’s forces will slowly but surely engulf the arena and overwhelm her foe.



A Druid is only as strong as the forest she protects, and the Treebond ability allows her to become one with the trees that she controls. The bonded tree becomes a source of Life and will sacrifice itself to keep the bonded mage alive.


Spreading Vines

Life springs up in the very footsteps of the Druid, and left to her devices, she will fill the arena with vines. With each passing moment, the vines extend the Druid’s reach and control throughout the arena.


The Druid commands a powerful arsenal of plant creatures including the legendary Togorah, Forest Sentinel. Protector of the forest with the strength and fortitude to defend against any foe.


Or Kralathor, The Devourer, who feasts on corporeal creatures to grow and become a most formidable beast.


Also, the opponents of the Druid must be ever vigilant and aware of the carnivorous plants such as the Vine Snapper!


This expansion also features: Awesome NEW Equipment, Abilities, and Incantations!


The Necromancer

The Bog Queen stirs in the Darkfenne. Death has returned to Etheria, and we are the reapers. The unholy tides of undeath sweep across the land, and each that falls before our blight will rise in our service. We bind  the fallen to our will and march forward to offer the souls of the living to our unholy Queen.


The Necromancer is a master of disease and the undead. His graveyard summons hordes of zombies. They are slow, but relentless, and gain strength in numbers. His malicious skeletons are diabolically clever and able to repair themselves if damaged in combat. He will spread plagues and disease across the arena to wipe out all life.


Through his blasphemous study the Necromancer can make a single undead, truly undying with the Eternal Servant ability. Upon destruction of the creature with the Eternal Servant ability, the Necromancer can call upon the dark arts to Reanimate the creature to continue its rampage right where it fell.


The Necromancer employs the dark forces of death to do his bidding. With the Altar of Skulls, death creates a poisonous atmosphere in the arena that feeds itself and wreaks havoc for the armies of the living.


The Ziggurat of Undeath spreads the zombie plague throughout the arena bringing new forces into the Necromancer’s fold.


Not to be dismissed by any mage, the Acolyte of the Bog Queen, will make sure that skeletons and zombies have the strength and fortitude to endure any onslaught.


The set also introduces four (4) new condition markers: Growth, Corrode, Zombie, and Ichthellid Larva:


A creature with a Growth condition marker has grown in size and gains benefits in strength and endurance. Within moments, a seemingly harmless flower can turn into the most ferocious creature in the arena.


Corrode is a condition caused by the new Acid attacks.  The attacks permanently corrode and wear away armor, leaving creatures and your mage weak and vulnerable to any attack!


Creatures that obtain the Zombie token have been raised from the dead and now mindlessly wander the arena with a hunger for living flesh. Opponents of the Necromancer should beware. Creatures under their control may be used against them upon their untimely demise.


Ichthellid Larva

A creature with this condition marker has been impregnated with the Ichthellid Larva and is now a host to this dark creature’s spawn. Upon the death of the infected creature, an adult Ichthellid emerges with a voracious need to find another living host.




• 2 NEW Mages: Druid and Necromancer

• 2 Mage Cards + 2 Mage Ability Cards

• 216 Spell Cards

• 60 Different Spells, 56 are BRAND NEW!

• 31 Punch Markers (with NEW conditions!)

MSRP $39.99