Arcane Wonders Ambassador Program

August 2, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Thank you for taking the time to explore the Arcane Wonders® Ambassador Program. Below you will find what it means to be an Arcane Wonders® Ambassador, what benefits are received for being an Ambassador and what expectations are set for Ambassadors of our products.

To submit an application to become an Arcane Wonders®  Ambassador, click here!

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What makes an awesome Ambassador?

An Arcane Wonders® Ambassador is a friendly, charismatic, and enthusiastic player that owns Arcane Wonders® product and plays our games regularly with friends, family, and other players at their home, gaming group, conventions, or at their friendly local game store (FLGS).

Ambassadors love playing our games, be it Mage Wars® or the Dice Tower Essentials® line of games. They enjoy teaching and sharing the amazing game experiences with others and above all, should exemplify good sportsmanship before, during and after game play.

An Arcane Wonders® Ambassador is a “standard bearer” for our brand; positively promoting and portraying themselves, and our company, in the most professional manner possible. Ambassadors are the frontline connection to the player community whose mission it is to cultivate and share an amazing gaming experience with old and new gamers alike. As a member of this team, each Ambassador will support their fellow Ambassadors and work together to make each and every Arcane Wonders demo an outstanding experience and success.

What are the responsibilities of an Arcane Wonders® Ambassador?

As an Ambassador for Arcane Wonders you will be asked to organize, run, and report on demos at your home, gaming group, local event, convention, school, public library, or your friendly local game store (FLGS). A number of resources are available at our website ( to make sure your demo is a success.

Utilizing these tools, a positive attitude, and their experience with our games, Ambassadors focus on creating memorable gaming experience where players can immerse themselves in our worlds, whether they are Entering The Arena armed with their Spellbook in Mage Wars® or they gather together casually for a game of a Dice Tower Essentials®.

Ambassadors are expected to run at least one (1) demo per month with each demo being reported through our Ambassador Log. It is important to know that Arcane Wonders randomly follows up with store or event location contacts to both ensure validation of demos, as well as offering opportunities for direct feedback from those our Ambassadors have engaged with.

Arcane Wonders prides ourselves on the phrase “Experience matters”. As an Ambassador, you help directly provide that experience to each and every person; be it a player demoing one of our games with you, the store owner whose store you visit regularly and demo at, and each event coordinator whose events you attend as a volunteer.

It is also highly encouraged for Ambassadors to share their experiences through our official forums, social media, newsletters, and other forms of communication, both for other Ambassadors to share, as well as the overall player community to engage in as well.

Where can I lead Arcane Wonders® demos?

Home – Many Ambassadors start somewhere they accustomed with, sitting down with friends and family and introducing them to our games in a familiar setting!

Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) – Visit and set up a demo at your Favorite Local Game Store, either at the request of the store owner (through our Retailor Ambassador Request form) or through your proactive approach to grow the Arcane Wonders community with you coordinating the visit!

Gaming Group – We all have multiple circles of friends, and who better to set up a demo evening or afternoon with than those we play with the most? Show up with a couple of Arena boards and Apprentice Spellbooks for Mage Wars® or set up for a Dice Tower Essentials® event and treat your gaming group to epic battles and gaming fun for all!

Conventions – Whether you are traveling to a major convention or a smaller, local shows, Arcane Wonders offers opportunities to both volunteer to attend the show while getting to demo you favorite games and meet new players!

Organized Play – Sign up to run organized play events at your FLGS. As an Ambassador you will be able to purchase Organized Play Kits for $12.00 directly from us, or redeem your Ambassador Mana Points for Kits in our Ambassador Online Store. Additionally, store owners may purchase Organized Play Kits through distribution for $12 as well, with you coming to their store to lead and organize these fun and engaging events!

Schools and Libraries – These are some of the fastest growing areas for board games in the world, as many education facilities are learning the valuable lessons able to be gleaned from playing board games. Reading, math, problem solving and other life skills can all be hones through board games. Schools and Libraries also offer a great way to reach out to new gamers as you set up and run events as an Ambassador at their locations!

What is required to volunteer at a major convention?

From time to time, Arcane Wonders® will invite Ambassadors to volunteer at gaming conventions. For the major domestic shows, if an Ambassador volunteers for all scheduled days of the show, Arcane Wonders® will provide the Ambassador’s Entrance Badge and Accommodations (minimum 3 occupants per room), in addition to requisite rewards points.

If you cannot commit to the full schedule of days, but would still like to volunteer, there is plenty of opportunity to assist the demo and exhibit booth teams. For each hour you are able to volunteer, you will earn rewards points as outlined below, however, part time volunteers will be required to provide their own Entrance Badges and accommodations.

Expectations of volunteers are trade shows are high, with Ambassadors needing to be on their “A-Game” 100% of the time. Trade shows are demanding, but rewarding, and above all, very fun to experience and be at! If you are not selected to volunteer at a trade show it is not indicative of your standing in the Ambassador community nor your privileges as an Ambassador. Space is limited at shows, and Arcane Wonders® will always do our best to focus on the needs of our player community first and foremost.

What are my rights as an Arcane Wonders ® Ambassador?

Ambassadors are first and foremost volunteers. They want to share their passion for our games and our company with the rest of the gaming community. Arcane Wonders® will provide the tools and training necessary to deliver a memorable experience, however we accept no responsibility for costs incurred while volunteering, demoing, or hosting an event.

Travel (including parking) and meal costs to all Ambassador engagements are the sole responsibility of the Ambassador themselves. Show badges and registration fees must all be approved by the Ambassador Program managers prior to the show or convention in question.

What do I get for being a Mage Wars® Ambassador?

Every hour long demo or event supported will earn the Ambassador 10 “Mana Points”, out currency in our online store (We call this “Channeling Mana”). Additional points can be awarded based on individual performance, feedback, volunteering and other positive acts at the discretion of the Ambassador Program Managers. These points can be used to purchase specialty Mage Wars® merchandise through our “Ambassador Only” online store.

Reports on events are totaled at the end of each calendar month and “Mana” is added to your account on our online store by the 10th of the following month. Please note that shipping charges are not covered by Mana earned and are the responsibility of the Ambassador when ordering through our store.

Aside from the normal Arcane Wonders catalog of products, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn unique rewards, available only to Ambassadors, both for volunteering at shows, as well as through our online store, when applicable.

How do I get started?

We’re excited you are ready to begin your journey as an Arcane Wonders® Ambassador! To begin, fill out the Arcane Wonders® Ambassador Application and send a headshot photo along with a photo of you playing or teaching our products to

An Ambassador Program Manager will contact you within 5 business days to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.